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BIANCA WAXLAX  is a premier and expert Tarot Card Reader who has been studying the Tarot and Esoteric Sciences for 15 years.  She is also a professional Tarot Card Teacher, and Consultant.  Her passion is the relationship between the Qabalah, Tarot, and the deep archetypal images hidden within the cards. BIANCA’S goal is to make Spirituality and Tarot accessible to the public in an enriching and fun way!  If you are interested in learning about the Tarot and getting a personal reading BIANCA will be happy to assist you!

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New Years Tarot Reading! What Makes For a Really Good Tarot Reading. 10% Off 60 min Tarot Readings for January.

Get 10% Off New Year's Tarot Readings through the month of January!  Happy 2015!

Get 10% Off New Year’s Bohemian Tarot Readings through the month of January! Happy 2015!

The majority of people who are interested in getting a Tarot Card Reading are asking questions about the past, present, and future.  That is why one of the most standard Tarot Card Readings is a simple 3 Card Reading where one card is pulled for the past, another card is pulled for the present, and the final card is pulled for the future.

Personally, in the Readings that I give, I like to look at the past as reflective, the present as introspective, and the future as predictive. Therefore, I believe that a good Tarot Card Reading contains all 3 components: reflection, introspection, and prediction.

Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh says, “The present moment contains past and future.  The secret of transformation is in the way we handle this very moment.”  And I couldn’t agree more!  The beauty of the Tarot is in the way we can allow the Cards to represent, and be a metaphor for what we are experiencing right now.  And how we process this “Now” can tell us a lot about how we will handle things in the future!

There are cards that show up in a Reading that will encourage you to reflect on your past, challenges that you have been through and things that you have learned.  For example, the 9 of Swords – Cruelty can be a card that will ask you about judgment in your past.  Who judged you earlier?  Was it your parents, caretakers, or a teacher?  Do you judge others or yourself now?  When you judge who’s voice is doing the judging?  Is it your voice or the voice of the person who judged you before?  Do you have a crow on your shoulder?  What would life be like without the judgment from your past?  Can you live free of judgment now and what would that look like?

Likewise there are cards that will cause you introspect. An example of an introspective card may be the 8 of Wands – Swiftness.  Swiftness discusses communication and is ruled by Mercury (the communicator) in Sagitarius.  Within your relationships, have you been communicating in a way that hits your mark?  Do you communicate in a way that builds walls or brings them down?  How can you commune and thus communicate in a more meaningful and mindful way?  And how can you apply what you have learned to your relationships right now?

Furthermore, there are cards that deal with something to come and are very predictive in nature.   An example of this card may be the Tower.  Something happens, and hits you like a lightning bolt, it is a shock to your system, and your tower is about to collapse.  The Tower represents the ego, a structure or way of being that has outlived its purpose.  This card calls upon you to rebuild a structure that suits you better from within, and build a life that suits you better too.  It admonishes you to trust your inner guide, higher self, or holy guardian angel to create something meaningful out of this challenging situation.  It is a “heads up” card and gives you some perspective and tools to handle the challenges that are ahead.

So, we find that even a simple 3 Card – Past, Present, and Future (or shall I say, Reflective, Introspective, and Predictive) Tarot Card Reading can give you a lot of substance to chew on!  The goal of a very good Tarot Card Reading is to allow the Tarot Cards to be a mirror through which we can see ourselves and our lives more clearly!

If you are interested in getting a New Year’s Tarot Reading this month, I am offering 10% Off 60 Minute Tarot Readings through the month of January!  Let’s see what the Universe will reveal to you in regard to Love, Relationships, Career, Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Direction!

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The Key to the Future is in the Present Moment.  So, honor and Love YOU!

The Key to the Future is in the Present Moment. So, honor and Love YOU!