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BIANCA WAXLAX  is a premier and expert Tarot Card Reader who has been studying the Tarot and Esoteric Sciences for 15 years.  She gives Readings for clients all around the country via phone, Skype, and in person. BIANCA calls San Diego her home, and San Diego residents are fortunate to be able to meet with her for an in person Tarot Reading!  She is also a professional Tarot Card Teacher, and Consultant.  Her passion is the relationship between the Qabalah, Tarot, and the deep archetypal images hidden within the cards. BIANCA’S goal is to make Spirituality and Tarot accessible to the public in an enriching and fun way!  If you are interested in learning about the Tarot and getting a personal reading BIANCA will be happy to assist you!

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Why the Spring Equinox is the BEST Time to Get a Tarot Reading.

Spring Equinox Vernal Equinox Tarot Reading

The Spring Equinox is the BEST Time to Get a Tarot Reading

The Spring or Vernal Equinox is a time of celebration, resurrection, and new beginnings and a perfect time to get a Tarot Card Reading to see what Spring has in store for you!

On March 20th 2015, we will be celebrating the Spring Equinox that marks the date where light and dark have become equal, and the days begin shifting to more and more Sun light as we move into Spring and then Summer.  The Sun’s journey can parallel our own spiritual journey in many ways, and the Spring Equinox is an excellent time for new beginnings and a fresh start!  It is an excellent time to get a Tarot Card Reading to see what your journey will unfold for you during this season of renewal and light.  Many of us celebrate the coming of Spring, whether is be through honoring it astronomically at the Equinox, celebrating resurrection through Easter, or simply Spring clinging.  We hear stories of the birds and the bees, plants begin budding and blooming, and our Earth abounds with light, activity, fertility, and new birth!  We all embody the energy of Spring, and with a Tarot Card Reading we can discover how our own life will also lighten, expand, and bloom with Spring energy.

In honor of the Vernal Equinox I will be offering 10% off all Bohemian Tarot Readings so you can uncover what Spring has in store for you!  Discover how to bloom in your career, relationships, happiness, and spiritual journey!

I look forward to Reading your Cards!  Happy Spring!

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