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BIANCA WAXLAX  is a premier and expert Tarot Card Reader who has been studying the Tarot and Esoteric Sciences for 15 years.  She is also a professional Tarot Card Teacher, and Consultant.  Her passion is the relationship between the Qabalah, Tarot, and the deep archetypal images hidden within the cards. BIANCA’S goal is to make Spirituality and Tarot accessible to the public in an enriching and fun way!  If you are interested in learning about the Tarot and getting a personal reading BIANCA will be happy to assist you!

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7 Misconceptions About Love – Valentine’s Day Special -$125 Couples’ Readings and 10% Off 60 Minute Love Tarot Readings

Discover what the Tarot has in store for you in regard to Love and Valentine's Day!

Discover what the Tarot has in store for you in regard to Love and Valentine’s Day!

I give so many Love and Relationship Tarot Card Readings, and especially during the Valentine’s Day Season.  Whether my client is looking for a Tarot Reading because they are looking for love or trying to work on a relationship they already have, these are the 7 most common misconceptions about love that seem to come up in Tarot Readings.

1. Your Soul Mate is your “perfect” match.

Some people call this person a Soul Mate, a Twin-Flame or The One.  A Soul Mate is not a person who will match you perfectly and effortlessly.  A Soul Mate is a human being who challenges your soul to grow with the use of love!  Your love together will challenge you to evolve, bring up your fears and shadows, help you to work through them, and encourage you to reach your potential in this life emotionally, spiritually, and with your life purpose.  So, being in a relationship with your Soul Mate may not be “easy-peasy”, it can actually be a lot of work!

2.  Love will conquer All.

Love is a great risk we take, because we all fear loss, rejection, and abandonment.  This is why love is so scary. In Buddhism it is said that we will all age, become sick, lose everything we love, and die.  To some this may sound morbid, and others may wonder “then why try at anything at all?”  Undoubtedly we will lose our partner at some point in this lifetime.  It could be in a week, 7 months, 7 years, or 70 years, but inevitably we will experience the heartache of loss.  The reason why we try at all in love is because our life is so very precious, and the time we have with our love is impermanent. And in order to experience the fullness of what love has to offer we must give everything fearlessly knowing that we will eventually lose it.  Knowing that we will lose our love eventually, anyway, in the long run, and no matter what should give us incentive to not hold back in love, but give our very best to our partner in this sacred moment!

3. Love is Unconditional.

In marriage people take a vow for better for worse.  But as we all know there are many conditions that can occur in a relationship or marriage that will make a partner decide that they do not want to be in the relationship for the long haul.  There can be financial challenges, health challenges, mental health challenges, addictions, and infidelity just to name a few.  Whether we choose stick it out or not can be fair in some relationships or not fair in others.  One thing is for sure however; love within relationship does tend to have conditions.  It is not a bad thing for love to be conditional, but it is a good idea to find out what your partner’s conditions are, and be open about what is tolerable for you and healthy for the relationship so that you can have a long and fruitful co-existence together.

4. Honey-Moon Phase Forever.

Some people are on the quest to find a permanent intoxicating love for life.  They want to maintain an enamored drunken feeling or the “puppy-dog phase” forever.  Truth is, love is grounded in time spent, accountability, honesty, integrity, and commitment, and the hormones needed to sustain drunken love for life are simply not there as we age.  That is why I like to focus on the idea that love is a commitment, and a deeper, more intimate, and truly passionate love is a love that goes beyond lust and focuses on a connection to a person’s spirit and soul and the deeper qualities of who they have committed to.  Love is about building a home, building a family, building a partnership, and creating a joyous life together that connects you more intimately then just sex.

5. Happily Ever After

The myth of “Happily Ever After” has many believing that once you meet the right partner all of the pieces will fall into place, and the relationship will function joyously and effortlessly for good.  This myth seems to state that if it is true love you won’t have to work at it!  Truth is all relationships take work.  Like anything in life, the more sustained and balanced energy, attention, and commitment we put into our love the longer it will last.  Also, when we look at the root of the word “happy” it is very similar to the words “happens” and “happening.”  Thus a deep “happiness” in love is being able to be okay with what is “happening” and flowing with the ebb and flow of our life with a partner that we commit to.  What is beautiful about love is that when we have a partner we can flow through what is “happening” and cultivate a “happiness” that we can share together.

6.  The Knight in Shining Armor.

Some people wait for a prince to come and rescue them from their life.  Maybe their life has become mundane in some way, monotonous, or unfulfilling.  This person believes that the fulfillment they are looking for will come through some magical person who will suddenly change everything for them.  Truth is love works best when two people are functioning in their power.  If there is a rescuer, victim, or persecutor in their interaction the partners involved will not be living up to their highest potential.  If one is a rescuer, then the other is the victim.  Truth is, no one really likes to be called a victim, and so it never works for long.  Then the rescuer may turn persecutor if the victim does not receive his or her rescuing attempts.  Or the victim may begin persecuting the rescuer saying that the rescuer was trying to render him or her incapable so that they could have control. The belief that love can rescue you from whatever rut you are in is simply not the truth.  Evolved love comes from two empowered people mirroring each other and working in their best light together.

7. The “Best Person”

Sometimes we can have an idea that this person or that person may be the “Best Person” to have a relationship with.  However, the “Best Person” may not necessarily be the best person for you.  I see this in relationships where the person of interest really looks good on paper.  It all ‘seems’ to add up, but it just isn’t working.  Sometimes what will work may be something we are not even looking for.  It may be someone who compliments us, or is different then us in some ways like how yin compliments yang.  When searching for love, be open to a partner with different hobbies, career, or interests!

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting a Love and Relationship Tarot Card Reading.  Couples’ Readings are $125 instead of $150 and 60 minute Love and Relationship Tarot Readings will be 10% off!  All deals are good through February in honor of Valentine’s Day!

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