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What is Tarot?

What Tarot is NOT:

1.) Tarot will not divulge to you an already determined fate or destiny.  (P.S. We have all been blessed with this handy characteristic called Free Will.)

2.) Tarot is not a magic show!  I am not here to tell you things that you already know about yourself so that you can act surprised.  That would be a useless waste of your time and money!

3.) Tarot is not about casting ‘spells’ to make others fall in love with you or about performing a ‘cleansing’ to get rid of a ‘curse’ or the ‘evil eye’. (FYI, if you have had this experience it’s called a gypsy scam and is actually unethical and illegal)

4.) Tarot is not meant to spook you with a dark or dismal prophecy about your health or mortality.

5.) And lastly, Tarot is not meant to tell you who “The ONE” is or when you will strike it rich with a Lottery ticket.

6.) If these last 5 happen to be your line of expectations you will actually be much more vulnerable to getting scammed by the little shops with neon lights in their windows.


What Tarot IS!

1.) Tarot is a Symbolic Language!  Tarot is a language of symbols, and a rich spiritual tradition that is meant to help guide you on your life journeys!  The Tarot is steeped in Qabalistic, astrological, alchemical symbols, and archetypal imagery.  And since a picture is worth a thousand words, the Tarot paintings have been used cross culturally and across language barriers to impart deep spiritual lessons around the world.  I, myself, am a translator who is fluent in this language of symbol, and my job is to translate to you what the Universe would like for you to know to the best of my ability through the Cards!

2.) Tarot is About Making Empowered Decisions!  Tarot is about introspection and making empowered decisions in regard to love, relationship, career, finance, and happiness on your journey.  It has the ability to show you the different paths and options you can take at a crossroads in your life so that you can make even better and more empowered decisions while deliberately manifesting your own future.

3.) Tarot is a Fresh Look!  The Tarot can give you a fresh look or objective perspective on something your mind has already been spinning over for too long!  In Buddhism, they call this monkey mind, and the Tarot has the ability to shine light into dark corners and illuminate things you may have been missing.

4.) Tarot is a Roadmap!  The Tarot gives you a roadmap on the “Hero’s Journey” and although it can certainly have a predictive nature it will give you more of an outline of the overall course of events on your path.  If you are looking for specific timing, it is best to find an astrologer who works with natal charts.  Ultimately, the Tarot can give you a road map, but you must take and make the journey yourself!

5.) Why the Tarot is AWESOME!  The Tarot gives you a tool to tap into your unconscious mind and release your potential.  It can reveal to you what the Universe wants to teach you. Show you what energies are coming your way. Shine light on your blocks and challenges.  And give you focus and direction in many areas of your life.  It is a tool that can bring you back into your own power, which exists in the present moment!  And I would love to guide you with the Tarot in carving out a more courageous, deliberate, and fulfilling life!

“The present moment contains past and future.  The secret of transformation is in the way we handle this very moment.” -Thich Nhat Hanh